BDLG ratchet type screen changers

Clean design, user friendly, excellent compactness: the technical evolution for manual screen changers.

More than a natural evolution of the BDL, the BDLG stands for an extremely clean design, result of careful engineering, granting excellent compactness. Available with filtering areas from Ø 45 to Ø 250 mm, represents a high quality choice among the manually operated screen changers. The movement of the sliding plate is given through a series of gear wheels, driven by a simple reversible ratchet which allows to minimize the overall dimensions of actuation. The favourable reduction ratio makes the movement of the plate smooth and effortless, even with large filtering areas.


  • Blown or Cast films
  • Flat sheet
  • Pipes and profiles
  • Cable coating
  • Pelletizing from polymerization
  • Masterbatch and compound pelletizing
  • Blow and injection moulding